Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy B'day to Dear Friends

September has been the month for birthdays. We have celebrated KLee's, Nephew B's and Little G's all earlier this month. Most recently we celebrated two of our very best friends' birthdays as well. Friend "B" celebrated her birthday first. She still is a young thing (we are the same age), but husband "W" got to celebrate a BIG one. What fun it was for his children and wife to pull off the big surprise. Gotcha "W"! Hope all you with September b'days have many, many more!

Smitty, Sassy, "W" and "B" together long before the big 60!


Jill said...

Let's see....isn't someone else in that group about to have a BIG one??

B said...

Memories!!! Love the pic.