Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekend Project Complete

We have been working on remodeling and redecorating our home for over a year now. We are getting VERY close to finishing phase 1. (The master suite is the next phase, but it may be some time before we undertake that BIG job). Most of the work has been contracted out, but this weekend Smitty had some time to work on replacing the faucets in the guest bedroom bath. Several weeks ago we had purchased the faucets and needed supplies in order to be prepared when a free weekend was available. After spending several hours in a small, tight space, and finding no dripping pipes, Smitty declared the project complete. Good job husband dear, only one more to go!

New look for an older bath!


KLee said...

WOW! It looks really good! I like the new mirror! Can't wait to come and use it!

Jill said...

It looks great! I can tell you guys have done a lot of work....I'm glad Phase 1 is almost finished!