Sunday, August 16, 2009

"Cliff Notes" for April through July

I have been remiss in keeping my blog updated. Shame on me! I have no excuse except I've let other things take priority. So, with my sincerest apologies I will try to give a very quick summary of things that have taken place since my last post in March.

April was very busy and nothing of great interest (that I can remember anyway) except of course Easter and the celebration of our risen Savior.

May was a busy month at least for Smitty. We celebrated Mother's Day, our 37th wedding anniversary, and my birthday all in a period of three weeks (gifts required). We also had a nice weekend in SC with LilE and her parents.

LilE and her casual pose --May 2009

June was vacation month. Smitty and I took a week and headed toward Yellowstone National Park. We flew into Salt Lake City and toured the town and then drove northward to the Grand Tetons and on into Yellowstone. We saw some beautiful country and enjoyed some much welcomed cooler temperatures. I've got the vacation book with all the pics finished....just ask to see it!

Sassy and Smitty with the Yellowstone River in the background.

July was mainly work, work, and more work. We did take some time and had a late b'daycelebration with B and Elle at a Ranger's game and enjoyed some fireworks a day early. We traveled once again to SC to see the kids and enjoy a little time in the pool with LilE.

Pop and LilE enjoying some pool time.

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J said...

I love the Yellowstone picture! And of course LilE is precious!