Sunday, April 4, 2010


Smitty and I had the opportunity to worship at 2 of the 3 worship services this Easter Sunday morning. I played handbells and sang in the worship choir at the last two and Smitty did his tech duties at the first and third services. With one set of kids a 1000 miles away and the other spending time with her family, Smitty and I had a quiet Easter lunch. Though it would have been easier to have gone out to eat or brought something in, I just couldn't let the day go without trying a new recipe and setting a traditional "Easter" table. I truly miss dyeing eggs, filling Easter baskets, and sitting around the table with family, however, we enjoyed a nice lunch together and even brought out the good china.

Pink Lemonade Pie with homemade crust

Bunnies, eggs, and the good china

With all the excitement of the bunnies, eggs and rejoicing that spring has arrived, we must never forget the reason we celebrate. Have a wonderful day celebrating our Risen Lord!

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KLee said...

Wish we could have been around your table too! The pie looks so good! You wanna share the recipe?