Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Great State Fair of Texas

Klee and LilE got to spend a few days with us during October. One day was spent at the State Fair of Texas. I've never been one that had to visit the fair every year. In fact, it had been several years since I had gone and taken our children. However, it was really fun to go and see it through the eyes of a 4-year old. The weather was perfect and made for a great day at the great state fair. LilE was a real trooper considering all the walking and walking and walking we had to do. Cotton candy and the Ferris Wheel were two really big hits for her. Klee met up with a college friend and her two boys and we had a fun day.

Pop, LilE, Mimi and Big Tex

LilE feeding the animals.

When LilE got tired she sat and rested.

The Ferris Wheel was the big event for LilE.

Klee and LilE enjoyed the ferris wheel after a long day at the fair.


Leta said...

Looks like you had a great time!

JS said...

What a fun way to spend time together! LilE will always remember the Ferris Wheel ride. Last year we rode it, and the ride was way too short! And we loved the great petting zoo, too.