Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Good Time, Good News!

Last Sunday B, Elle, her parents and our newest grand puppy, Zoe, came for a little "Thanksgiving" gathering since we will be in Nashville, TN with our other children on Thanksgiving Day. We had a nice visit with the kids and Elle's parents. Unfortunately, I was hit by the "upper respiratory infection bug" later that evening. It really it me hard. In fact I missed 2 days of work and even called the doctor. That alone tells you I was a pretty sick individual. Smitty has been undergoing some test just in the past few weeks that had us a little on the anxious side. Today we got some good news that has relieved us of our worst fears. The growth found inside his leg bone is benign! We still have to do some periodic checking and monitoring, which may require surgery if the growth continues to grow, but for now the news is good. We have so much for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving season and we just got to add another thing to the list.

B, Elle, and Zoe (Vega stayed at home)

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Di said...

So sorry you got sick! Hope you are feeling better for your trip. The news about Smitty is great! We'll keep you both in our prayers. Really enjoyed the visit.