Sunday, January 18, 2009

Better Late than Never: 2008 Holiday Season

I have been very delinquent getting around to posting during the past 2 months due to all the activities and responsibilities that come during a very busy holiday season. The thought even crossed my mind to just forget it and move on to current events, but after reviewing the pictures during Thanksgiving and Christmas I just couldn't miss the opportunity to share a few with my readers. (I am starting with the events of Christmas and moving backwards to Thanksgiving)

CHRISTMAS was a special time for us this year since all the children were home for almost 2 weeks. We enjoyed having everyone here not only on Christmas day, but for several days where we played games, ate, relaxed, ate, did a little after-Christmas shopping, ate and just enjoyed being together. We also spent time with extended family during the holidays. God was good to us this Christmas as we celebrated being with each other, but most importantly as we celebrated the birth of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Christmas Eve & Christmas Day: It has been a tradition since the birth of Klee that you always get to open one gift on Christmas Eve.....Christmas PJs. Christmas morning is also very special in that we play a Christmas game that involves opening the gifts one at a time. We spent the entire day playing the game and opening presents and stockings. Even LilE got into the spirit of the game.

You're never too old to get Christmas PJs!

All LilE wanted from Santa was Christmas cookies. Delicious!!

Mimi opened her special Christmas gift from original!

B and Smitty trying to figure out the game.

LilE and Elle opening a gift after a correct answer to the game.

No, not a puppy from Santa....but LilE enjoyed playing with Zoe.

Isn't B styling in his new cowboy hat from Santa Elle?

Klee and J resting after a long day of unwrapping gifts.

Christmas Eve with the Lyle Family: Christmas Eve was spent with my sister and her family and all the little ones. We enjoyed seeing the next generation of cousins getting a little play time together.

TP and Kdiddle (my little sis)

Christmas Music by LilE and KP

Cuz AP and LilE

KP, GP, LilE, & AP

LilE and the Christmas Cat!

Smitty' s Family: We got together with Smitty's family a few days after Christmas for soup and sandwiches and gift giving between the little ones. With so many fancy cameras we couldn't miss the opportunity for a family portrait. Good looking family don't you think?

The Smitty Bunch

SMITTY'S 60TH B'DAY celebration came between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Because his birthday falls so close to Christmas he doesn't always get the attention or the big celebration that most receive on their b'days. I just couldn't let this one go by without some fanfare. We spent the evening with family and close friends enjoying some very special treats.

Lots of Sweet Treats for the B'day Boy!

Darrell, and his other brother Darrell (aka Walter) with Smitty

Smitty's special b'day guest, LilE

THANKSGIVING found us heading to Nashville, TN to meet up with some of the Smith family in a central location for all. The parents of some of Klee and J's closest friends graciously offered their home (while they were away for the weekend) for us to gather as family and prepare Thanksgiving dinner. We had a wonderful time with brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins during that weekend. We ate, played, and traveled many hours to spend time with our Carolinian family.

LilE and her turkey!

G, G, and JJ

Smitty and sis LJ

All the girls.

Big grins from the little W, LilE and E.


KLee said...

Now you are officially ahead of me! I still have Christmas left to post. You have inspired me.
Can we come back home? We miss you lots and lots! What a great 2 weeks!!!

Kama @ Today's Housewife said...

What great pictures are on here! It looks like a great time!

Leigh said...

I agree with KLee. It was such a fun time!