Sunday, March 8, 2009

House Decorating Cont'd.

In the past year, we have done major redecorating to our kitchen, TV room, living room/dining room and guest bedrooms. Many friends and family had the opportunity in December to see the major changes that we have made to the house since purchasing it in July of 2006. Since Christmas we have added just a few additional touches that have the rooms complete. (at least Smitty thinks so!). My decorator found this framed artwork to complete the newest reading vignette in the living room. It is in my opinion the finishing touch.

See below the completed look with the
goose-neck arm chair, skirted table
and reading lamp next to the beautiful

Another addition in the "Cottage Guest room" is the newly upholstered wing back chair that was my grandmother's. If I recall correctly this chair had actually belonged to my grandfather's sister who gave it to my grandmother. When Grandmother Strickland moved in with my mother the chair was reupholstered and used in Grandmother's bedroom. After Mother passed away, the chair was one of the things I asked my siblings if I could take. It has been glued, tightened, and reupholstered to look brand new. It makes a very nice statement in this nostalgic bedroom. It is a very "sweet" little bedroom chair that holds a lot of special memories for me.


KLee said...

Wow! The chair looks totally different! I love it!

j said...

The chair looks great! It makes it so much nicer when you have a piece of furniture that has a history with your family and nice memories.