Saturday, October 3, 2009

Parting Gifts

Waterford crystal bowl from CO and principals.
Lovely crystal vase from my superintendent.

September 25th was my last day at CISD Central Office. My last two days were very emotional as co-workers/friends began saying their goodbyes and sending me off with their best wishes. I received many emails, phone calls and people dropping by my office to wish me well. Thursday afternoon, the central office staff along with campus principals gave me a reception with cake, punch and a lovely Waterford crystal bowl. I will always see it and remember the friends and colleagues that were so dear to me for so many years. Many left me very special cards and gifts along with comments that were very humbling. If I receive no other benefit from this experience I go away with the knowledge that our "daily walk" does make an impression (good or bad) on the people that pass through our lives. The season that I spent with Cleburne ISD was a great one and I hope was God-honoring.

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KLee said...

Gorgeous bowl!
Did you get a picture of the cake? Or should I saw 'spoiler alert' to your next post?