Sunday, October 18, 2009

Who Knew We Would Go to the Zoo?

Last week was a grandparent's delight as we had the opportunity to spend an entire week with KLee and LilE. Thinking we only had one opportunity we headed for the Ft. Worth Zoo on Monday, ignoring the overcast skies and the cooler temperature. It was a great day as the crowds were thin so we could get up close to see most of the animals. One thing that I must remember is to keep the camera batteries charged. We didn't get many pictures before the battery went dead, but I have a few to give you just a taste of what we experienced.
When LilE comes to our house she has her own little bed in the office. I decided it was time to make the space a little more to her liking. My new job allowed me more time to spend sewing pillows and framing pictures to make her space a little more special when visiting Mimi and Pop.

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