Friday, July 16, 2010

Resort or Hospital Stay

Monday following the July 4th weekend Smitty decided to take a little extended stay in a Ft. Worth hospital. After several days of a rapid heart rate, doctor encouraged him to get to the emergency room. After getting his heart rate back to normal the cardiologist wanted to do some testing to rule out any medical reasons for the incident. Fortunately, all the test came back negative and we were released a couple of days later. Smitty still needs to follow up with an electrophysiologist to determine why the electrical impulse misfired causing the high heart rate. We pray and trust it will be an easy fix. Very good care was provided by the heart center. The room was very large, comfortable, and provided a beautiful view of downtown Ft. Worth. I am certain that once we receive the total bill we will feel as if we stayed at a luxury resort.
View of downtown Ft. Worth from hospital room.


Leta said...

I'm just glad that he is ok!

JS said...

Sounds like lots of tests and lots of specialists! You're right about the total bill...but you would have had a lot more fun in a luxury resort in a different location!