Sunday, June 27, 2010

Road Trip--Nacogdoches, TX

It doesn't take much for us to call for a road trip with friends B & W. Through these good friends we heard of a house and some acreage in Nacogdoches for a really good price. Beginning to look forward to possible retirement and all the options available to us, we could possibly consider this as our retirement home. So, off we go for a short overnight adventure. We weren't disappointed in the land and the surrounding area. The house needed some updating, but had lots of potential. It was really fun to see the house and discuss the changes we could make to fit our needs and just imagine the serenity of being surrounded by tall pines and oaks. There was room for a large garden and lots of outside activities. Smitty just couldn't see spending his retirement years mowing 11 acres and the thought of another move and all that painting pretty well nixed taking any action. Of course on these trips, we always get our 3 square meals and usually a snack or two. These road trips are mainly a time to be with good friends, eat good food, and see some of the countryside. Remember, it is not such much about the destination as about the journey.

The first view as we approached the house.

Smitty standing near driveway that winds up to house on the right.

The front of house which needs to have shrubs trimmed to see large front porch.

View of the side of the property.

View from front of house looking toward road.

View from backyard looking toward back of the acreage.


JS said...

It looks like a wonderful place! But I totally understand how Smitty feels about the mowing and care of 11 acres. We like to look and dream, too.

Leta said...

Beautiful country, but I think you need to stay closer to home!