Sunday, June 27, 2010

BEE Happy!!

Last Wednesday evening as I pulled up in the circular drive I noticed something in the corner of one of the eaves. After further investigation I discovered that it was a hoard of bees. Supposing they had just appeared since neither Smitty nor I, who are frequently in the front yard, had seen them before, thought they might be gone by morning. The exterminator came for our routine treatment the following day and indicated that the bees had been there for awhile since they had made such a large honeycomb, which we had been unable to see the night before. With the worker bees away from the hive you could see the large comb. We had the bees eradicated and will now have to remove the soffit to make sure bees haven't formed a honeycomb in the interior walls. Don't Worry, BEE Happy!

Bees seen on Wednesday night

The light grayish areas which is the honeycomb

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JS said...

Wow! That's a large bee hive! Glad they didn't get stirred up and angry!