Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nothing Could be Finer.....

Nothing could be finer than to be in Carolina.....where the granddaughter (along with our daughter and son-in-law) reside. We were able to spend a few days over the Memorial Day Holiday with them. We celebrated my b'day and spent time working on projects and just getting to play and play and play. What a really neat treat!

Birthday Chocolate Chip Pie, Ice Cream and ONE candle....priceless!

LilE posing during our modeling photo session! Notice the Silly Bandz in her mouth? Another story for another time.

Pop and JD taking a breather after much digging and hauling pavers.

KLee and Mimi supervising the taken by LilE

LilE just after pitching the baseball....she does throw like a girl!

Lots of coloring, playing with puzzles and dressing the Groovy Girls all weekend!

Pop, LilE, and Mimi just before leaving for the airport!


Anonymous said...

Can't believe how much LilE has grown. She is a little KLee. Looks like you had a fun time (except for planning the tree) in Carolina.

JS said...

I love the last picture....and I just noticed KLee's reflection in the door.
I think the pictures show that you all kept busy and enjoyed every minute you were there (although JD and Pop look like they are worn out from digging and hauling!).

Leta said...

Ilove the picture LilE took!

KLee said... are not supposed to notice my reflection!
We did have a great weekend. I always wish they were longer!