Saturday, February 12, 2011

Christmas and Family

I got ahead of myself and failed to get pictures posted from Christmas. We had a great time getting to be with most of our family members. It was great to see the little ones on both sides of the family having such fun. We don't see most of them together except for Christmas. We got to "meet" our newest one born last summer to G & G. We also had good Christmas news as we learned that Klee, LilE, and JD were expecting a new one June 2011. Can't wait!
Newest one---C!
Cousins who all like to play dress up!
Grown kids in their traditional Christmas Eve attire????
LilE in her Christmas PJs!
LilE with B and Elle!

Christmas Eve and the Christmas Story with all the little girls!


Leta said...

I love Christmas family pictures!

JS said...

Great pictures...some nice Christmas memories with family. And it will be fun to have Klee's tiny one next Christmas!