Saturday, February 12, 2011

Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Year's

As you can tell, posting on the blog hasn't been a top priority for me. So, I will quickly catch you up. We started the remodel of our master suite in late October (hoping to be completed with that by Thanksgiving). Thanksgiving came and went and the remodel was still going on. No problem, we weren't hosting Thanksgiving this year, so no worry!
Thanksgiving weekend I drag out all the Christmas decorations and prepare for the holiday season. (Fortunately, all workmen entered from the sliding glass doors off the patio directly into the master suite. No issues with workmen being in the main portion of the house.)
Time to host the office staff party......requested that the workmen take a long lunch that day so guests will not be viewing all the work being done from the living room windows.
Time to host the Bible Fellowship Christmas problem. It was at night and darkness hid all the tools and "mess" on the patio and backyard.
December 23rd--Children will arrive on Christmas Eve for an extended two week vacation. We only ask that we can move our bed into the room to sleep. Contractor works ALL DAY to clean and get us where we can move bed into room. B and W come to help move bed into room along with a few clothes to hang in the closet. We share bathrooms with the kids during their stay.

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JS said...

Sounds like you managed to work around the mess. And at least you were able to provide sleeping space for all of your Christmas guests!