Monday, August 16, 2010

August in Texas

Last week Klee and LilE came for a visit while JD visited a friend in East Texas. LilE hadn't been for a summer visit since she was 15 months old so we crammed as many hot weather activities into the visit as possible. We took advantage of the splash pad, swam at a friends house, visited the city park, and went letterboxing where we uncovered several boxes in and around town. We travelled to Wichita Falls to attend the b'day party of LilE's cousin and spent Sunday with Elle and B enjoying a good time hanging out in the Texas heat.
No playday complete without visiting the playground. Look familiar, B?
Splash pad fun.

Needed a friend to make this more fun.

Klee and LilE enjoying a swim.

Finding one of the letterboxes after following all the directions.

Letterboxes must be returned to their hiding places.

This letterbox had been "hiding" here since 2005.

Just a swinging..on monkey swing that Pop made!!!

The family enjoying a Sunday afternoon.

Pop, LilE and Mimi.....what a fun visit!


Anonymous said...

LilE looks so much like her mother. It looks like she had a really good time at MiMi's and Pop's house. Great photos.

Leta said...

Grandchildren are great!

JS said...

I like the last picture of Pop, LilE and Mimi.
Glad you included lots of cool water fun in your daily activities!