Sunday, August 1, 2010

Go Rangers!

I love the Texas Rangers and baseball. I love the atmosphere and the excitement of being at the Ballpark and the good excuse it gives me for eating hot dogs and nachos. I'm not sure where I got my love for the game; possibly from watching my older brother play church league ball, possibly because I lettered in junior high softball, or maybe those Saturday afternoon's watching a few innings of TV baseball with my dad. Most likely I got it from my Granddad Strickland who would sit for hours in his favorite chair and watch the early years of the Texas Rangers. I know he was not always happy when they lost and during those years losing was the norm. No matter the reason, I love to get to "know" the players and follow them through a season. We've just had a lot of changes, so during this second half of the season I have many new faces to get to know before we go into the post season. Looking forward to seeing my Texas Rangers in October!

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JS said...

I remember Pearl's husband, Bennie, watching baseball for hours and hours. After he died, then Lula kept on watching it.